: some figures

The low level of the current production and the small number of old whistles creates a false picture of the old production. Everywhere in Europe, they were million whistles handcrafted each year.
Only seldom statistical data exist about this production but the few known data make it possible to imagine the abundance of this production.

  The book of accounts of Ludovic BARBÉ, potter in Prévelles (Sarthe) shows a total of 100 000 items produced in 1894. In these toys, the whistles are in the majority. Nevertheless, this potter was not alone on this market because the potters of Connéré (another famous village for its clay toys production) challenged to him. Some other potters produced also clay whistles in the county at the same time.
If one adds the production of the significant centers of Vallauris or Aubagne in Provence, of Alsace, Berry or Dauphiné where the numerous old preserved whistles let imagine a similar production, the French annual production is undoubtedly near one million before 1914.

The last batch of whistles in Connéré (Sarthe)
Guilmet pottery, circa 1930