: Artists of today

With the decline of the last traditional potteries in Europe, the clay whistles nearly disappeared. The rebirth of the ceramic creation during the second half of the 20th century allowed a revival of the European whistle production.
In some countries (Italy, Russia, Portugal, Balearic Islands...), this production is not devoid of a commercial touristic interest.

Beside this touristic production, many ceramists found in the whistle creation an original way of expression. The whistle is a good aid to the creation of small poetic statuettes.

Poster of the mostra of 2002

Each year in Italy, an exposure gathers the works of the best Italian whistles creators. This production has now a very collectionable interest. The prices of such clay whistles is far from the prices of the former toys. On the other hand, the contemporary creation recall the creativity of the medieval whistles .
(see an example of the artistic production of Venezia)
Although less important, this movement of rebirth of the whistle is real in the whole Europe where many artists adapt the traditional shapes of their area to their artistic personality.

Whistle made in La Borne (France)
Stoneware with cendar glaze
Jean Linard