Carretera de Ronda, 91
04071 Almeria, Spain
Tél. 950 175510

The great exhibitions about the clay whistles and toys are rare. It is always a unique opportunity to improve the knowledge of this subject.

Since 15th December 2006 to 11th February 2007, the museum of Almería will organize an exhibition : "From rite to toy: exhibition of ceramic toys and whistles from the Islamic time to nowadays ".  242 toys and whistles from Almería, Jaén, Granada and Málaga show the continuity of the shapes of the Mallorquin "siurells" , the "piqueros" from Andujar, the Portuguese "apitos" and the folk Andalucian ceramic between the 9th century and today.

Directed by Mrs Isabel Flores Escobosa and Professor Guillermo Rosselló Bordoy, great specialists of the Islamic Andalucian culture and ceramic, it is a unique opportunity to discover the rich Iberic production.

During Xmas time, you can also discover for a few days the life in Andalucia and the marvellous towns of this region.

Opening times: Tuesday 14:30 – 20:30
Wednesday to Saturday: 9:00-20:30
Sunday 9:00-14:30
Monday is closed

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