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     translation: Delia Robinson (only for some pages but you will know it immediatly reading my translations)


This web site was only possible due to the warm welcome found in the French museums especially:

  • the Museum of Berry in Bourges
  • the Museum of Normandy in Caen
  • the Archaeological museum of Ile de France in Nemours
  • the Museum of Beaux-Arts in Lille
  • the Alsatian Museum in Strasburg

Thanks to

  • the Museo Nationale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari in Rome (Italy)
  • the Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía (Spain)
  • the Kalundborg og Omegns Museum (Denmark)
  • the Hessisches Puppenmuseum in Hanau-Wilhelmsbad (Germany)
for the wonderful documentation on the subject they provided me.

Thanks to the researchers who helped me:

  • Tinaïg CLODORE for her invaluable information on the prehistoric whistles,
  • Alain COSTES of the GRECAM for his information on Midi-Pyrénées ceramics
Several collectors opened to me their doors and their friendship:
  • Delia Robinson, an irreplaceable American friend, artist, whistle maker and enthusiast.
  • Eleonore and Albert, from Germany, who shared their huge knowledge on the suject;
  • Rolf G. Mari, great German collector and searcher who opened his unbelievable documentation about the whistles to help me,
  • M. Marcel Poulet, specialist in ceramics in Puisaye
  • and other French collectors whose modesty prevent to name.
Many thanks to Lionel who cheered me on to create this site and guided me in my research;
to Sylvie, Gabrielle and Elodie who shared their aesthetic touch with this site.

Many potters shared their love for ceramics especially:

  • Mr. Gaget in La Borne
  • Mr. Sourdive in Cliousclat
  • Mr. Friedmann in Soufflenheim
  • Mr. Robin in Poët Laval
Thanks to antique dealers, admirers of these objects and their history, who have searched for and researched the old whistles of the French regions.